Jack Donovan

Candidate Questionnaire

Jack Donovan – District 2

1. The issue of reducing racial bias (conscious and unconscious) and systemic racism is a major concern throughout the nation, and in cities large and small, including South Pasadena.  If you are elected to the South Pasadena City Council, what specific actions will you pursue to reduce unconscious or conscious bias, systemic racism and hate crimes in the city? 

Response from Jack Donovan:

With the recent Black Lives Matter protests, many leaders, politicians, pundits, journalists and spokespeople have called for a national conversation on race, poverty and opportunity.  Having grown up north of Boston, I know racism and poverty firsthand, as I was surrounded by both elements. Because of my own experiences, I chose to raise my family in South Pasadena where I have always found a receptive community for people regardless of their background. Today I am happy to see that more and more people are finally seeking to listen and to understand what racism means. Because of the unfortunate environment in the current city administration, our city government has endured much staff turnover.  

As a councilperson, I will support the hiring of talented individuals to rebuild our city government with a team that truly reflects the diversity of Southern California to deliver the highest level of service to our residents.  I will also support a review of the South Pasadena Police Department, including an evaluation of the current police budget as well as taking a hard look at how well the department adheres to current policies.  

I also believe this city should explore partnering with neighboring cities for social services to handle situations now handled by the police force, such as homelessness assistance and welfare checks.  I am also in support of better training for law enforcement officers, including annual classes in the areas of de-escalation of situations, crowd control and community relations and policing.  

How will the effects of these actions be measured?  

Response from Jack Donovan:

I believe that we’re all in this together and one of my core campaign platforms is to be fully transparent.  As councilperson, I will always invite voices and ideas from all residents.  Concerned community groups were once welcome in our city government and I plan to ensure that once again, everyone in our community of South Pasadena can have access to leadership to share their ideas, concerns, goals and hopes for the city.

2.     Anti-Racism means actively working to end racism, systemic racism and the oppression of marginalized groups. Describe the specific Anti-Racist actions you have taken in the past and how you intend to continue this work moving forward as a City Councilperson of South Pasadena.  

Response from Jack Donovan:

As a young cross country transplant, I started my career working for VISTA and served the Eastside LA community as a volunteer.  In my position, I worked with people of many different backgrounds and have been successful at building bridges with diverse groups my whole life.  I will carry that background with me as a City Councilperson for South Pasadena.

3.     Please share your views on the Black Lives Matter movement. Are you in support of this movement and actions being taken both locally and nationally? 

Response from Jack Donovan:

Civil protest for change is a cornerstone of our democracy and I support the BLM community as they seek to protest the inequalities in our society and change the way communities are policed.  Supporting justice, accountability and common sense changes to how our communities are policed should not be controversial and in South Pasadena, I am pleased to see support for change on a daily basis on Fair Oaks and Mission.