“I Stand Against Racism Because” Yard Sign Order Form

As we venture into a new year with a new President, the Storytelling Task Force wants ARC to start out strong with a reminder that this momentum for justice and Black lives in South Pasadena will continue.  We’d like to get the community talking about racism, see the impact it has locally, and let those interested in pursuing anti-racist action and policies know we exist.

The yard sign includes a blank space for individuals/families to complete. This empty space may give you pause when you consider what you will write, which is why we’re offering complementary workshops before the signs are displayed.  The zoom workshops will include local statistics, discussions, and community building so you can display your sign with confidence.  Your attendance is not required, but is encouraged! 

All information is only accessible to ARC leadership and is not publicly available. The signs will be delivered by January 9, 2021 in time for the first Zoom workshop.

We suggest you place your sign on your lawn ON JANUARY 20th, 2021.

Please read all the instructions that are part of this form as payment is not done through this form.

To pay for your yard sign(s), please Venmo the appropriate amount (including a donation if you indicated so above) to @arcsouthpasadena or make a payment via Pay Pal to arc.southpasadena@gmail.com. In your payment, please include your name and “Yard sign.”

If the Venmo asks for the last four digits of the recipients phone number, enter 2212.

You will know that you are sending money to the right account if the profile picture is the ARC logo (in the upper left hand corner of this order form).

If you do not have a Venmo account, or are unable to pay via Venmo, please reach out to arc.southpasadena@gmail.com

Payment must be received to complete your order and receive delivery.