ARC Community Board

The ARC Community Board consists of articles, statements, and calls to action for issues relating to racial justice and equity in South Pasadena. We created this space to facilitate dialogues about anti-racism in the South Pasadena community. If you are interested in having something published on the ARC Community Board, please email us at

Latest Posts

Semi-Permeable Borders: A Hindrance to Change and Solidarity

(SOURCE: The East Sider LA) Written by Ciena Valenzuela-Peterson There is a wall in South Pasadena. It sits, short and innocuous, between our city and El Sereno—a predominantly Latino neighborhood just to our north. This wall blocks off traffic from our neighboring community with a half-block of green “mini-park” space on South Pasadena’s side of theContinue reading “Semi-Permeable Borders: A Hindrance to Change and Solidarity”

City Launches Independent Investigation into Police Misconduct Complaints

(SOURCE: South Pasadena Review) Written by Will Hoadley-Brill At the South Pasadena City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 18, the interim City Manager Sean Joyce announced that the city would employ an “experienced independent outside investigator” “upon receipt of several…written complaints that [he] received Monday evening.” The full council meeting can be watched here andContinue reading “City Launches Independent Investigation into Police Misconduct Complaints”

Community Calling for Independent Investigation of SPPD

(SOURCE: Tiger Newspaper) November 18, 2020 Sent via email: Please read this comment aloud at the City Council meeting on November 18, 2020 Dear Mayor Joe and Councilmembers:  The signatories of this letter are writing today to express our deep concern for the pattern of behavior that has been observed of the South Pasadena PoliceContinue reading “Community Calling for Independent Investigation of SPPD”


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