ARC Community Board

The ARC Community Board consists of articles, statements, and calls to action for issues relating to racial justice and equity in South Pasadena. We created this space to facilitate dialogues about anti-racism in the South Pasadena community. If you are interested in having something published on the ARC Community Board, please email us at

Latest Posts

Prejudiced Policing Still Walks Like a Duck in South Pasadena

Image sourced from: Written by William J. Kelly “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” That old saying—now a standard of inductive legal reasoning—seems to have been ignored by the South Pasadena Police Department in events that unfolded last summerContinue reading “Prejudiced Policing Still Walks Like a Duck in South Pasadena”

ARC Condemns Anti-AAPI Hate and Violence

These images are from a public art project in New York City entitled “I Still Believe in Our City” by artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. Learn more about the project here. Written by Will Hoadley-Brill The Anti-Racism Committee of South Pasadena strongly condemns and is greatly disgusted and disappointed by the rising anti-AAPI (Asian American and PacificContinue reading “ARC Condemns Anti-AAPI Hate and Violence”

Racism-fueled Responses to Anti-Racist Yard Signs

Written by Phung Huynh Since the summer of 2020, the Anti-Racism Committee of South Pasadena has brought together residents who are committed to uncovering and disabling systemic racism in our city. We have mobilized and now continue to work in collaboration with community groups with shared values, including Black Lives Matter South Pasadena and CareContinue reading “Racism-fueled Responses to Anti-Racist Yard Signs”


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