Racist History of South Pasadena

The Racist History of South Pasadena

The Racist History of South Pasadena

The following collection of historical events is meant to depict the stories of our city that often go untold. Part of ARC’s mission is to engage in research, education, and reconciliation around the racist past of South Pasadena. We reached all the way back to the pre-columbian era to demonstrate an arc of exclusion, discrimination, and oppression that taints our contemporary lives in South Pasadena. The history outlined here highlights the unpleasant, uncomfortable, and undiscussed aspects of our history as a city and as a part of a larger state and region. This is not the complete history of South Pasadena nor does it claim to be. All of our sources are cited at the end of each section and include primary documents and secondary analyses. 

As we learn more about our history as a city and its effect on our present, this history will be updated and elaborated. Much like history itself, this collection of stories will continue to change and evolve as we learn more about ourselves today and our city’s past.

To read more about the racist history of South Pasadena read Tiger Newspaper’s story here.

Picture is from Pinterest user Jane Bozarth